Sometimes our art serves as inspiration for other artist’s.  As a photographer you never know how your images will benefit someone else’s creative spark.

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Robyne Recca
Birch tree by the ocean

I was looking for inspiration for a painting I have been working on for some time now ( a backyard fence; on my 3rd panel)
I left off with some birch trees and was considering putting a beach and bench chair..was told that birch do not grow anywhere near a beach…
While looking through landscape pictures I came cross yours with what I had somewhat visioned except steep hils, more birches and maybe some dunes
I was quite impressed with your picture! Since I was told it may look silly if I combined birch with ocean, I would put in a lake….
Well, wanted to let you know that you have given me inspiration for my mural and will once again consider my beach panel…I live an hr. away from cape cod and with our frigid and snowy winters, I so desperately crave my summers. This is what I’ve done for me because everyone needs a little joy in their life.
I wanted to write and thank you for your picture!

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