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Daddy River Duck

99 Daddy Duck - Copy

River ducks are so much fun to watch. This daddy was keeping watch as the female mama duck was teaching the little ducklings how to handle the river current. It was fun to watch as daddy was more interested in making more ducks then taking care of the little ducks and mama duck was definitely the one that wore the pants. This may be were the expression comes from madder than a wet hen.

This image was taken at one of Michigan’s hidden treasures located at Yates Park 1991 E. Avon Rd.
Rochester Hills, MI 48307.   Yates is a  4-acre scenic roadside park that follows the Clinton River. There are picnic tables and grills, and river access for steelhead fishing and more. It is located directly across the street from the historic Yates Cider Mill.  For anyone that loves apples and fresh cider and donuts make sure you visit in September. For more  Soaring Souls visit our gallery at

Michigan Frozen Hearts

Frozen hearts melt with love

Any one in Michigan who is experiencing the bitter cold and the impact on the heart. Shoveling and walking in cold weather gear is one way to warm the heart. But the better way is to stay inside avoid the -20F wind chill and cuddle with the one you love. As we head towards February 14th and Valentines day take time today to plan for a special celebration with the one you love.

Image above was taken at Jan. 30, 2012 Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Zehnders Snowfest has been host to one of the top snow and ice sculpting events in North America for the past 22 years. Visitors can  enjoy larger-than-life snow sculptures and beautifully detailed ice carvings. Zehnders Snowfest 2014 will again dazzle and excite you with snow and ice sculptures created by professional ice and snow carvers from around the world. Don’t miss your chance to see Zehnders Snowfest 2014 in person  January 22-27, 2014,Frankenmuth, Michigan.

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Into the woods SPNC

Into the woods SPNC

Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden Michigan is the perfect place to explore nature and the back to nature feel. This tall stand of woods brings to mind the magical story of little red riding hood and her journey through the woods to visit her sick Grandmother. What is lurking in the shadows, could it be the big bad wolf, or is it a friendly deer curious of who is going into the woods.

View opposite of Mackinac Bridge from McGulpin Point at sunset.

View opposite of Mackinac Bridge from McGulpin Point at sunset.

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time to a moment that you captured on your DSLR Camera. McGulpin Point near Mackinac Bridge in Mackinac Michigan is one of the sunsets that I would love to have a magic time portal to beam me back to the magic of the sunset that night over Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. One of the best sunsets I have ever seen. Its beauty was captured in orange and pink to the West along Lake Michigan, and Pinks and blues along Lake Huron and the Mackinac Bridge. This is Pure Michigan at its best.