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Treasures Mother Nature has hidden

Treasures Mother Nature has hidden

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by LeeAnn McLaneGoetz

The streams along the Macomb Orchard Trail, near Washington, Michigan, flow at different rates and depths creating a lot of ice creatures and drama.  Mother Nature has hidden many gifts in the ice, and if you go out and explore you will discover some of her ever changing hiding spots.

I was amazed to find that Mother Nature had frozen a  trout in the ice. Look closely on the Right side and you will see the frozen entrée on a crystal ice platter.
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After seeing the frozen trout in the ice, my walk along the trail became a magical adventure to see what else Mother Nature had frozen with her winter magic. My next find was one of the best a beached whale looking for the sun.
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So as the winter temps drops and winds start to blow, remember that Mother Nature is busy creating hidden treasures for you to discover.

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