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3 beginner mistakes that every new photographer makes

3 beginner mistakes that every new photographer makes


The perfect event is in progress and you are starting your photographic journey. As you arrive at the event you discover mistake #1. The new camera you just purchased  is still at home.

#1 Make sure you have your camera with you.

You run back home grab the camera and head back to the awesome event. You pose a few of your best buddies and flip the on switch…. You discover mistake #2 A dead battery.

#2  Make sure you have a battery with a full charge, and a spare battery with a full charge.

Lucky for you a friend at the party also has the same camera and loans you his fully charged battery. You repose the group, turn on the camera and press the button. You just discovered mistake #3 you forgot to put a memory card in the camera.

#3 Ensure you have an empty formatted memory card in the camera.

Again your friend comes to the rescue and gives you one of his memory cards and reminds you to format it for your camera.

Master these 3 mistakes and you are on your way. Although this may seem like common sense, you will find that every photographer no matter how experienced has had to relearn they basic easy 3 steps to better photography.

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