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Halloween on Tillson Street


Halloween on Tillson Street

If you live near Romeo, Michigan, than chances are you have heard of the tradition that the home owners on Tillson street practice.
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Each year the homeowners try to out do the past with an even scarier out come.
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Some use the watchful eyes of Gargoyles to warn of the tricks and treats in the area.

Others invite death to sail into their front yards on a ship of nightmarish dreams.
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Be careful of the tempting buried treasure or you may become the next treasure to be buried.
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All those that venture Tillson street will have a Halloween ball. Even those that are the dead.
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The Hauntings will continue in 2014 so bring your curiosity and hope to return home with stories that can not be made up.
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Or join in on the fun and become part of the atmosphere …. They are always¬† looking for fresh flesh and blood to feed the undead.
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As you ready your Halloween check out McLaneGoetzStudioLLC.com Halloween Gallery for some scary ideas.
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