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Treasures Mother Nature has hidden

Treasures Mother Nature has hidden

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by LeeAnn McLaneGoetz

The streams along the Macomb Orchard Trail, near Washington, Michigan, flow at different rates and depths creating a lot of ice creatures and drama.  Mother Nature has hidden many gifts in the ice, and if you go out and explore you will discover some of her ever changing hiding spots.

I was amazed to find that Mother Nature had frozen a  trout in the ice. Look closely on the Right side and you will see the frozen entrée on a crystal ice platter.
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After seeing the frozen trout in the ice, my walk along the trail became a magical adventure to see what else Mother Nature had frozen with her winter magic. My next find was one of the best a beached whale looking for the sun.
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So as the winter temps drops and winds start to blow, remember that Mother Nature is busy creating hidden treasures for you to discover.

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Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

Art PrintsSay Cheeeeeeeese

I talk to the wild animals when I shoot. I ask them to smile, to move away from a fence or to pose in a certain way.
Many people walking by may think I should be wearing a white coat with the ties in the back, but I have found the animals seem to understand. I always am delighted when they do what I ask. For all those that think this is a little strange, I only have to ask one question, “Do you talk to your pet”? I bet in the privacy of your home you do.
Above is the Amur Tiger that I asked to smile.
Below is a Wolverine that I asked to look my way, he seemed to be listening and understand.

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And a snowy owl that seemed to have a conversation he wanted to share.

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So the next time you get a chance to talk to the animals, do not pass it up.
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Lighthouse Did you know

Did you know….

That the United States of America has more lighthouses than any other country in the world.
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Michigan known for its great lakes is also home to 115 lighthouses

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One of the first government jobs available to women in the early 19th century was that of being a lighthouse keeper.
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The Fresnel lens that was made in France. The light used was fueled at first by lard, then fueled by kerosene, then fueled by acetylene, and now by electricity.
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My time with the Michigan Elk

The Native American people call Elk,  “Wapiti”, or “light colored deer”.
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I had the pleasure to spend a day with a large Michigan Elk herd near Gaylord, Michigan in May. I found the entire herd to be very accepting of my human form and camera. I was careful not to get too close and risk a possible charge. The Elk are very large (350 to 900 lbs) animals with their backs well over my shoulder and with a full set of antlers I would say they would be 7-9ft off of the ground. If they decided to charge I could not out run them, so I was happy to see that they accepted me with only mild curiosity.

If I approached too close, I was given the nervous lick, that let me know that I had stepped into the danger zone, at that point I slowly backed up till the licking of the lips stopped.

I did not get to see the full set of antlers on the bull (Male) elk, as the elk lose their antlers each March and start to grow them back in May. By late summer they will grow full size antlers (up to 4ft above the head), in time for the late summer breeding season. I did see a few of the bull elk that had a fresh set of sprouting horns covered in new velvet.

I was honored several times with some of the bull elks lifting their heads to bugle.  The sound is surprisingly loud. It definitely gets the attention of his females in the harem.

All of the elk currently in Michigan, are the result of repopulation. Michigan’s native elk disappeared around 1875. Today it is estimated that Michigan has 900+ elks in the wild, and managed with a limited number of hunting permits.

One of the greatest honors as a photographer is being accepted by a wild animal and being able to photograph them in their native environment.  This was one of the great moments in the May photo adventure.
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Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse Michigan

Pointe Aux Barques Light House, Michigan,Lake Michigan,
Pointe Aux Barques Light House Michigan

The 1st day of spring 2014 in Michigan, at Lighthouse County Park
7320 Lighthouse Road, 6 miles north of Port Hope, Mi. 48468, was a beautiful sunny day.  It was a great day to sit under the blue skies on the park bench and observe the changing ice flow on the still frozen Lake Huron and the migrating geese that seemed to think they owned the place.

Pointe aux Barques Lighthouse,Port Hope Michigan, Park Bench
1st day of spring at Pointe aux Barques Lighthouse

Birding in Michigan

Birding in Michigan

Feb 15, 2014 was an unexpected treat for area bird watchers. The Blue Water Bridge spanning the Saint Clair River, between Port Huron, Michigan and Point Edward and Sarnia, Ontario was the site of a mass waterfowl migration.

The Blue Water Bridge is at the juncture of Lake Huron and the St. Clair River. This year there was a rare sight as thousands of ducks from the North made the open water near the bridge home. Michigan has most of the Great Lakes frozen over this year. That has forced many of the northern birds to come South to find open water in which they can fish. Port Huron Michigan.

The record cold temperatures that had frozen 92% of the open water in the Great Lakes this year had caused the wintering waterfowl to look for food in the open waters near the Blue Water Bridge.

Cold Merganser at McLaneGoetzStudioLLC.com
Merganser Duck

The record temperatures added danger to the waterfowl search for food.  As the Merganser ducks dive deep for their food the water droplets start to freeze encasing their bills closed.  Needless to say nature is quick to put an end to their suffering.

Golden eye on the moveA rare sight in the Blue Water Bridge area was the large number of Goldeneye ducks. The black-and-white Common Goldeneye is one of the last ducks to migrate south in fall. They often will winter as far North as open water permits this year North was near the bridge.

“Posted on Sunday, March 23, 2014 by LeeAnn McLaneGoetz.”

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Did You Know – Mackinac Bridge

McLaneGoetzStudioLLC.com Mackinac

Mackinac Bridge Did you know

Construction of the Mackinac Bridge began in 1954 and opened for traffic on November 1, 1957. At one time it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.

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Into the woods SPNC

Into the woods SPNC

Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden Michigan is the perfect place to explore nature and the back to nature feel. This tall stand of woods brings to mind the magical story of little red riding hood and her journey through the woods to visit her sick Grandmother. What is lurking in the shadows, could it be the big bad wolf, or is it a friendly deer curious of who is going into the woods.