LeeAnn McLaneGoetz
McLaneGoetzStudioLLC.com provides Nature and Travel Photography Fine Art and Fine Art Products by award winning artist LeeAnn McLaneGoetz.
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The Artist. LeeAnn is a retired automotive engineer who has turned her lifelong passion for travel and nature photography into an online website(s) to offer fine art designs for your home or office world wide.
Her photography has taken her across North America – from the wooded areas of northern Michigan, to the deserts and mountain areas of such places as Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park.
LeeAnn has spent a great deal of time exploring the American Southwest, visiting Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California and Colorado. Yet, she can still find inspiration in the natural and spiritual surroundings of her Macomb County, Michigan home.
Her portfolios of images are available for viewing online . Many of these images have been exhibited in galleries and art shows throughout Michigan.
She also has a dedicated following of art fans not only in Michigan, but across the United States and beyond as well.
LeeAnn has been the VP of Seven Ponds Photo Club in Dryden, Michigan for several years. If you are a photographer looking for a photo club please consider joining us.  Or learn more on our club face book page   Seven Ponds Photography Club

LeeAnn is an award winning member of the GDCCC
A Note from the Artist What is your primary purpose for taking pictures?
“I believe all of us have a purpose on this Earth and are happiest when we fulfill that mission. I consider it one of life's greatest blessings to be able to spend my time documenting and sharing all that I have discovered in life with other people through my photography.
It is my goal not only to share the journey and knowledge that the image has captured, but to entertain as well. I can’t explain why I have this inner drive to photograph and document what I see. But I know that to be able to do so fulfills that inner purpose and happiness – it is my driving passion.”
When and how did you begin to get your passion for photography?
​“When I was nine years old my Mother gave me my first photography assignment. Ill with cancer, and too weak to attend our school class field trip to Greenfield Village, Michigan, she asked me to take pictures so she could see and I could share with her what I discovered.
From that first moment I began snapping the shutter of that old Kodak Brownie camera, I was hooked. Since then, the ability to capture and share images has become a natural part of my life.
Over the years I have grown and continue to grow – both as an artist and a person, I have discovered that, life is a journey worth sharing with others. One of the greatest honors I have received is to provide a lasting image that also brings joy, inspiration and ignites passion in others.” ​
What sets you apart?
​I get excited when I see a rare sight, such as a snowy owl sitting alone on a milkweed branch, and realize that at this moment in time, I am the only one who will ever see her, and if I can photograph this rare event, I can share this special moment with others and help them to comprehend the connection between all living things.
Each trip to the great outdoors, even the same pathway, provides new insight into the connection all of us have with the stages of life, the changes, new life and the passing of the seasons bring.
 ​LeeAnn McLaneGoetz