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1.  I'm buying a gift.  Will the purchase price appear on the invoice with my order?
You can send your order as a gift.  We do NOT include any dollar amounts on the invoice that will be included with your purchase.
2. When I'm configuring my order, what's the difference between the "image size" and the "overall size"?
The image size is the actual size of the image.  If it says 8" x 10", for example, then the image will actually be printed to be 8" x 10".
The overall size includes any extra material that surrounds the image (e.g. mats, frames, white border, etc.)
If you order a print without a mat or frame, for example, we automatically apply a white border around all four sides.  Paper prints get a 1" white border.  Canvas prints get a 2.5" white border.  The added border makes it easier for you to mat, frame, and/or stretch you print on your own.
So - if you order an 8" x 10" paper print without a mat or frame, the image size is going to be 8" x 10", and the overall size is going to be 10" x 12".
If you order a print with a mat or frame, then the overall size will be equal to the image size + the width of the mat (x2) + the width of the frame (x2) - a slight overlap where the mat overlays the print.
3. Are images available for licensing and download?
If you want to license an image, please contact us directly.
McLaneGoetStudioLLC.com offers rights-managed licenses for many of their images.
Perfect for your advertisement needs (Print), (Digital), and (TV).  

Visit our Image Leasing site at 

4. What's the difference between an acrylic print and a canvas print?
With a canvas print, the image is printed onto a sheet of canvas, and then the canvas is stretched onto wooden stretcher bars that are 1.5" thick.

With an acrylic print, the image is printed onto a back of a 3/8" thick sheet of acrylic (i.e. plastic).

5.What's the difference between a glossy canvas and a matte canvas?
The only different is in the "shine" of the canvas.  Glossy prints have a glossy coating applied to them which causes the canvas to reflect light better.  Matte prints do not have this coating.
Picture your dining room table before and after you wipe it down with furniture cleaner.  Before - it's a little dull looking.  After - it's shiny.  That's the difference between matte and glossy.

6. Can I hang my prints in a bathroom?
Yes - you can hang your prints in a bathroom.  Just make sure that they're not exposed to direct spray from the shower.
Our "hardiest" products for bathroom use are metal prints and acrylic prints.  Both products do not use any paper or canvas, and as a result, moisture is not an issue, at all.
Framed prints and canvas prints will work fine in a bathroom, as well.  Just make sure that you're not exposing them to prolonged periods of high moisture from long, hot showers.

7. Can I hang my prints outside?
Yes - you can hang the metal and acrylic prints outside.  However - do not hang them anywhere where they will be exposed to direct rain.  Our "hardiest" products for outside use are metal prints and acrylic prints.  Both products do not use any paper or canvas, and as a result, moisture is not an issue.

8.  Do you use a UV protectant to protect your prints?
All canvas prints, framed prints, and regular prints (rolled in a tube) receive a UV protective coating.
Metal prints, acrylic prints, and greeting cards do not receive a protective coating.

9. Does our partner Pixels.com ship worldwide?
Yes.  Pixels.com ships all over the world.
If you can receive a package via UPS or FedEx, then they can ship to you!

10. Do you use archival inks and acid-free papers?
Yes.  All of our inks are archival, and all of our papers are acid free. Archival ink is an ink which is designed to resist fading and weathering so that it will endure for future enjoyment.

11. How do I order greeting cards with personalized messages on the inside?
Watch the short video, below, to learn how to personalize greeting cards that you order through Fine Art America.  You get to customize the size and position of the image on the front of the card and personalize the message that appears on the inside of the card, as well.

12. Where is your partner Fine Art America located?
Fine Art America has production facilities in North Carolina, Georgia, and California. Our corporate headquarters are in Santa Monica, CA.

13. Printed reference materials available in the attachments below.​​​​​​​
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